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American Prize judge's selection 2014

“A composer quite comfortable in his own skin; order and balance are clearly important in his musical universe."

Rodrigo Bussad

Composer, ethnomusicologist, and multi-instrumentalist Rodrigo Bussad writes music that is in search of a sonic bridge between existence and possibility. His musical fingerprint lies in sewing sonic textures that evoke unique timbre pallets, inciting the listener’s imagination. Described, as “a composer quite comfortable in his own skin; order and balance are clearly important in his musical universe." (American Prize judge's selection 2014), his music resides in spatial and temporal dimensions that are an offspring of field research and musical experience through music cultures worldwide.


He is the winner of the 2020 International NewVision Composition Competition Third Edition in New York City with the work Kundalini. He was also awarded 3rd place at the 2019 American Prize in Composition in the Professional Chamber Music Division with the work Nimbi, and 1st place at the same competition (Student's division) in its 2014's edition with the work Loin. Bussad is the winning composer of the 2017 Ukho Ensemble Workshop, and the 2015 Valencia International Performance Academy (VIPA).



His music has been performed across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, he has been commissioned by the Chicago Center For Contemporary Composition, Ithaca College Contemporary Ensemble, the Nana Formosa Percussion Duo, Ensemble Paramirabo, University of Toronto Percussion Department, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Aiyun Huang, Svet Stoyanov, Jeff Scott, Garrett Mendelow, and Maria Sumareva.


In addition, he has been performed by renowned orchestras and ensembles, highlighting; the Orquestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Spektral Quartet, Third Coast Percussion, Imani Winds, ~Nois Saxophone Quartet, Ukho Ensemble, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Brower Trio:B3, Ensemble motoContraio, Ensemble, Ensemble, Percorso Ensemble, and Abstrai Ensemble. He was also a guest composer and lecturer at the SoundSCAPE Festival, and


His music can be found in the albums: Currents Vol. 1 by Third Coast Percussion, Speaking To His Craft by Garrett Mendelow, Relay.Launch. by Allison Balcetis, Moon Inside by the NanaFormosa Percussion Duo, Refractions vol. 1 by Gleb Kanasevich.


Rodrigo Bussad earned his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and currently is a Lecturer in Composition at Ithaca College, New York.








São Paulo, Brazil

based in//

Chicago, USA


B.M. Universidade Estadual de Campinas

M.M. University of Miami

Ph.D. at The University of Chicago



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