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Fanfare (2020) 


for: large horn ensemble

duration: ca.2'

first performance: Spring 2021, Oberlin, OH. Premiered by Oberlin College Horn Ensemble.

Score under commission 


Neon (percussion trio version)  (2019) 


for: percussion trio

duration: ca.5'

first performance: 1st version: January 2020, Hong Kong. Premiered by Tool Box Percussion.

KODAMA (2019) 


for: percussion quartet

duration: ca.8'

first performance: October 2019, Chicago, IL.

premiere by Third Coast Percussion.

O CAIS (2019) 

for: flute, clarinet, oboe, french horn, percussion (2), piano, harp, violin (2), viola, violoncello. 

duration: ca.17'

first performance:  April 2019, Chicago, IL, premiere by the Grossman Ensemble and James Baker (conductor).

Tesseract (2019)

for: saxophone quartet and fixed media

duration: ca.10'

first performance: March 2019, Chicago, IL, premiere by the NOIS~ saxophone quartet.

Score under commission 


Vermilion (2016, rev.2018) 

for: alto flute, clarinet in Bflat(dbl. bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano and percussion

duration: ca.12'30"

first performance: 1st version: November 2016, Ithaca, NY,premiere by the Ithaca College Contemporary Ensemble (ICCE), Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann(conductor); 2nd version: February 2018, Chicago, IL, Emma Hospelhorn (flute), Zachary Good(clarinet),Myra Hinrichs (violin), Chris Wild (cello), Daniel Pesca (piano), John Corkill (percussion), Barbara Schubert (conductor).


Nimbi (2017-2018)

for: wood wind quintet

duration: ca.11'30"

first performance: 1st version: March 2017, Chicago, IL, premiere by the Imani Winds; 2nd version: January 2018, Brooklyn, Ny; performed by the Imani Winds.

Looking Up (2017)

for: string quintet

duration: ca.9'30"

first performance: 1st version: May 2017, Chicago, IL, premiere at the Contempo New Music Series; Spektral Quartet (quartet).

Palido (2017, rev. 2019)

for: marimba concerto (with large ensemble)

duration: ca.12'30"

first performance: April 2017, Kiev, Ukraine, premiere at the Ukho Ensemble Workshop; Plivka  Arts Centre; Evgeniy Ulianov (percussion soloist)+ Ukho Ensemble, Luigi Gaggero (conductor). First performance of the revised version: July 2019, Boston, MA, premiere at the Brandeis University by the Composers Conference Chamber Orchestra, with Mike Truesdell (soloist) and James Baker (conductor).

00:00 / 01:11

Moon Inside II​ (2015)

for: marimba duet

duration: ca.15'30"

first performance: April 2016, Taipei City, Taiwan-ROC, premiere at the

28° edition of the Taipei Traditional Arts Festival; commissioned and premiered by

The NanaFormosa Percussion Duo. 


for: alto Saxophone, accordeon, electric Guitar and percussion

duration: 15'

first performance: June 2015, Rieti, Italy, premiere at the Composit New Music Festival; Vincent Dauod (saxophone), Luca Piovesan (accordeon), Maarten Stragier (electric guitar),Tom de Cock (percussion).

KHÁOS (2015)

for: percussion solo + percussion quartet

duration: ca.45'

first performance: November 2015, Miami-FL, premiere at University of Miami Maurice Gusman Concert Hall; commissioned by Svet Stoyanov (percussion solo); ensemble: Peter White, Dmitri Nilov,Ksenjia Komljenović , Kiril Angelov and Hsien-Fang Hsieh (guest artist).

Loin (2013)

for: alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano (prepared)

duration: ca.9'30"

first performance: January 2013, Montreal, Canada, premiere at Les Amériques tour; commissioned and premiere by the Ensemble Paramirabo. Winner of the 2014 American Prize in Composition - Student Chamber Music Division.

La Couleur de L'invisible (2013-14)

for: violin, cello and piano

duration: ca.13'

first performance: July 2013, Curitiba, Brazil, premiere at II Bienal Música Hoje; premiere by the Ensemble. 2nd version: October 2014, premiere at Emerging Composers Concert, Coral Gables, FL; Emilio Rutllant (flute), Isabel Thompson (clarinet), Ariele Grace Macadangdang (violin), Chia-li Yu (cello) and Maria Sumareva (Piano).

Urizen (2012)

for: flute, bass flute and guitar

duration: ca.7'

first performance: July 2012, Maccagno, Italy, premiere at 7th SoundScape Festival; premiere by Lisa Cella (bass flute), Jeffrey Stonehouse (flute) and Matt Gould (guitar).

Bodisatva (2011-12)

for: percusion quartet and piano

duration: ca.10'

first performance: October 2012, premiere at Emerging Composers Concert, Coral Gables, FL; frost percussion ensemble and Daniel Manoiu (piano).



Terra Tenebra (2018-20)


for: large orchestra

detailed instrumentation:, hp. and strings (

duration: 17'

first performance: January 2019, Chicago, IL; reading session of a shorter version with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Cliff Colnot, conductor.

Score under commission 


Milton (2012-)

for: orchestra

detailed instrumentation:, harp and strings (

duration: 7'30"

first performance: June 2017, Paris, FR; reading session with the L'orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Pierre-André Valad, conductor).

Depois da Chuva (After the Rain)​ (2010-2014)

for: orchestra

detailed instrumentation: and strings (

duration: 17'30"

first performance: June 2011, Campinas, Brazil; premiere by Orchestra Sinfônica da Unicamp (OSU), conductor Akira Miashiro; @nd version: January 2014, Miami, FL performance with the Frost Symphony Orchestra, Andres Jaime, conductor.



Etude for Horn (2021)

for: for French Horn in F

duration: ca.07'30"

first performance:February 2021, Oberlin, Ohio.

premiered by Jeff Scott.

Score under commission 


Kundalini II​ (2020)

for: for soprano saxophone

duration: ca.15'

first performance:  January 2020, Chicago, I.premiered by Allison Balcetis.

Atlas Vocalis I​ (2019)

for: percussion, vocalization and electronics

duration: ca.15'

first performance:  February 2020, San Diego, CA; premiered by Garrett Mendelow.

Le Forme Dell'Aria​ (2018)

for: Flute in C

duration: ca.5'30"

first performance:  September 2018, Asti,Italy; premiered at the IDEA Divertimento Ensemble Workshop; Lorenzo Missaglia (Flute).

Score under commission 


A Brazilian Suite (2018)

*published by GCNA

for: carillon (for carillon duet)

duration: ca.11'30"

first performance:  May 2018, Chicago,IL; premiered at the Rockefeller Carillon New Music Festival; Joey Brink and Ellen Dickinson (Carillon).(

Inercia​ (2019-)

for: double bass

duration: ca.10'

first performance:  TBD, Sao Paulo,Brazil; premiered by Pedro Gadelha (double bass).

Score under commission 


Fantasmagoria​ (2017)

for: violoncello

duration: (1st version) ca.7min/(2nd version) ca.15'

first performance:  October 2017, Stuttgart,Germany; premiered at the K-R-A-M 2017 L’Heure Bleue S-K-A-M e.V.; Céline Papion (Violoncello).


Promesse à l'obcsurité ​(2015)

for: alto clarinet + electronics

duration: ca.14'40"

first performance:  September 2015, Coral Gables,FL; premiere at the at Clarke Recital Hall (University of Miami); Annabelle Inhyung Hwang (clarinet).


Kundalini​ (2014, rev. 2018)

for: alto saxophone

duration: ca.5'30"

first performance:  August 2014, Sorocaba, Brazil; premiered at the 2014 Curto-Circuito Internacional de Saxofone Brasil-Canada; Allison Balcetis (saxophone).

Moon Inside I (2009-2015)

for: piano

duration: ca.15'

first performance:  November 2015, Coral Gables, FL; premiered at the Kaleidoscope MusArt debut concert; Maria Sumareva (piano).

*You can also request via email to purchase the movements separately. 

Kisetsu (2007, rev. 2013)

for: flute (dbl. alto flute *optional)

duration: ca.10'

first performance:  October 2013, Coral Gables, FL; premiered by Emilio Rutlant.


Ignis Fatuus (2011)





for: Clarinet in B flat

duration: ca.10'

first performance:  This track is part of the album "Refractions vol.1" by Gleb Kanasevich

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